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Welcome to the Cabinet of Curious Cosmos!  This is a casual little long-form roleplaying community started by a group of friends as an alternative to Tumblr. You'll need an account with Livejournal to join this community.

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Also, if anyone would like me to transfer some of your in-progress roleplays that you have going with other members of this community, let me know which ones you want and I'll get to them asap.  Obviously, you're all welcome to transfer your own threads as well, or start new ones!

Anyone still around? Feel like starting some new threads in a somewhat more private setting than Tumblr?

I've got a few to answer in my notifications too, though I think I'll focus more on Evelyn right now.))



((OOC: I figured they'd accidentally land on a planet I invented for some threads between Ian's Martha Jones and my Doctor:  Alltopia Deux, with the specific region being called the Montainge Burrough.  It's a European country village atmosphere, against a backdrop of an almost Scandinavian-looking mountainous wilderness, with tech probably equivalent of late 19th to early 20th century. There's a Winter Festival there that is the equivalent of a Solstice celebration that involves a myth of monsters in the mountains being held at bay by the winter fire spirit.))

Evelyn steadied herself on the console as the timeship rattled and juddered through her flight path.  She cast a sideways glance at Dael, a fleeting smile quirking her lips.  She liked the young woman quite a bit, she had decided.  Dael exhibited a frankness, honesty, and playfulness that was refreshing, though her temper was a thing to be reckoned with.  Not that Evelyn's temper was much better, not when she got riled.

Studiously, stubbornly, she avoided looking at the Doctor.  The harrowing events of their recent meeting were still fresh in her mind, as well as the inexplicable familiarity of the Doctor, and the even more inexplicable attachment she felt for him, and she felt distinctly unsettled whenever she tried to search her mind for a reason for all of that.  She wasn't sure that unsettledness had to do with him so much as it had to do with things he was associated with.

That didn't really make sense to her, of course.  To be quite honest, nothing about any of this made sense.  She just went with it because what else was she to do?  Her life had never particularly made sense anyway.  But at least it was interesting.


"The most spectacular sunsets in the entire universe," the Doctor was saying.  Evelyn finally looked up at him.  He moved around the console in a seemingly erratic dance, briefly clasping his companions' shoulders or patting them on their backs or ruffling their hair as he passed by them (he was so touchy-feely, this Doctor character, wasn't he?  Evelyn wasn't sure how she felt about that), flipping switches and punching buttons, and eyeing Dael to make sure she didn't punch any buttons.  "The colors-- you simply can't imagine the colors!  Brilliant orange, pink, purple, oh-- firey red!  Magnificent, and all reflected in the ocean until it looks aflame.  You'll love it, I promise you.  Both of you."  He smiled at them, eyes flicking between them with an expression somehow both deeply fond and inscrutable, and set the TARDIS into her landing sequence.  "I wouldn't go swimming in the ocean, though, if I were you," he added, almost as an afterthought.  "There are beepados.  They thrive in tropical environments.  Unpleasant things.  Eat you from the inside."  He wrinkled his nose at Dael.  "I'd not recommend it."

Content warnings apply for violence, death, body horror, and general spookiness.

Wisteria, Louisiana
December 2016

Leanne McCormick slid her exhausted body into the worn leather of her car’s driver’s seat and rested her eyes for a moment before inserting the key into the ignition.

The day had been a long one, a double shift at the Lucky Platter, and she’d helped to close so that had made it even longer. She just wanted to get home, wash the day off of herself in the shower, and crawl into bed.
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*pops in and looks around, tugging the hem of her leather jacket* Daaamn! Nice place you have here. *Grins* So what happens if I push…this? *Laughs*



“Dael! Dael, Dael, Dael… What have I told you about pushing buttons and pulling levers when you don’t know what they do? Especially when they’re on a highly advanced piece of dimensionally transcendent temporal-spatial technology. Especially when they’re on my highly advanced piece of dimensionally transcendent temporal-spatial technology! Oh, for– what are– WHAT! For pity’s sake… stop that! I could take you home right now!”


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Ten/Evelyn: Ouroburos


((Trigger warnings apply here: violence, character death))


It wasn’t supposed to end this way. She wasn’t supposed to end this way.

It occurred to her as she lay bleeding and broken on the floor of the cell that this was rather an odd thing to think. After all, how should it end? How should a life of traveling paths across the stars, defending and protecting and helping side by side with an ancient Time Lord, end? Had she really expected to go quietly and peacefully in a bed, gently slipping into oblivion as old age claimed her?

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Ten/Evelyn: Winter Wonderland

((Part 2 of the Christmas With the Doctor series.))



In the little house in Wisteria, beneath the Christmas tree (which Evelyn has *finally* finished decorating) rests a boxed, rectangular gift neatly wrapped in holographic snowflake paper and bound with a glittery silver bow. On the tag is written in elegant scrawl: "To Theta, from Evelyn." She had stealthily picked it up for him a few months back during their travels, because it had seemed perfect for him.

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((Part 1 of the Christmas With the Doctor series))



There is a package -- a large flat box -- wrapped in shiny red paper and trimmed with blue ribbon with a large bow. It's sitting on Evelyn's coffee table. The tag attached reads "To Evelyn, From Theta."


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Oct. 2nd, 2016

So, I've been sorely neglecting this community.  I'm going to go through and try to get some threads answered on here today.

Show of hands: anyone still lurking?

Character: Raymond "Red" Reddington

Name: Red, Ray, Raymond, Reddington, ad nauseum
Physical Characteristics:

Height: 5'10", Hair: Brown, Eyes: Green, Weight: 190. Generally follow The Blacklist canon, but AU welcome if it sounds interesting.

Reddington is a criminal mastermind, making it to #4 on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives, who suddenly turns himself in after 20 years of evading the FBI.
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