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The Cabinet of Curious Cosmos

A Multi-Verse, Long-Form Roleplaying Community

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Multiverse, long-form Roleplay Community.

Fandom and original characters welcome. This is a private roleplay community created for a group of friends as an alternative to Tumblr.


1. This community is open for one-on-one (two-person), open group (where everyone in the group is invited to join in) , and specified group (where only certain characters join in) roleplays. There is a tag for each for easy labeling, though it might be good to mention it too somewhere on the starter post. If for some reason you change the group RP status, you can edit the tags and such for clarification.

2. It would be good to cut your post if:
a) It is very long.
b) It has NSFW and/or triggering material.

3. If you cut for NSFW or triggers, make a note of it in your LJ cut text or at the start of your post.

4. If you write a starter geared for a specific person, you can notify them by using their user ID in the entry. Members might want to set their notification system to give alerts for being tagged in that way. You can also follow individual threads by clicking the specific post, and then clicking the push pin "Track" icon at the top of the post.

5. When you join, I will make a tag for you based on your username. You can use that to tag all of your threads so you can find them easily. Tag both yourself and whomever you're writing with.

6. There is a list of genre tags. You can use whichever ones fit best, however many you like. It's not absolutely necessary for you to use them but it may make it easier for people to look up stuff.

7. There are also fandom tags, as well as an OC (original character) tag. Again, use whichever ones fit.

8. Probably the best format to use would be: Starter as the main post, continuation of the story in the comments. I think there's a character limit in the comments (it allows for a pretty lengthy comment but I know it cuts off somewhere), so if you run out of space you can utilize multiple comments for a single reply.

9. If you post here OOC, indicate it somehow with brackets, parentheses, etc. I'll also be adding an OOC tag that you can use. Also, we have a community for OOC chat: c_cosmos_ooc